President of MPC

Mr. Paijit Supawaree
(Chairman from 1991-1994)
Mr. Supoj Pisitwuttinan
(Chairman from 1995-1998)
Mr. Kom Akadej
(Chairman from 1999-2002)
Mr. Somsak Techaratanaprasert
(Chairman from 2003-2005)
Mr. Chaiwat Taweewongsangtong
(Chairman from 2006-2007)
Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk
(President from 2007-Oct 8, 2009)
Mr. Chaiwat Taweewongsangtong
(Acting President from Oct 8, 2009-Apr 2, 2010)
Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk
(President from 2010-2012)
Mr. Visute Poolvoralaks
(President from 2012-2018)
Mr.Somchai Chatphatthanasiri
(President from 2018 to date)
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