About the Federation

About the Federation


The National Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations (MPC) was founded in 1991 (initially called The National Federation of Thai Film Associations) to consolidate the activities of various professional associations in the Thai film industry and to resolve the issues that impeded the development of Thai film. The MPC has since become the central organization that unites different fields of film-related expertise in order to put together professional viewpoints in the long-term development, promotion and creativity of the Thai film industry. There are 11 professional fields that make up the MPC: the producer, the cinema operator, the distributor, the director, the actor, the production team, the voice dubbing expert, the post-production unit, the entertainment reporter, the film scholar, and the producer and distributor of home entertainment materials. The MPC’s board of executives are responsible for the operation and policy with the aim of continual and sustainable improvement of the organization and the industry. Distinguished gentlemen who have served as President of MPC include:

Mr. Paijit Supawaree                                                     (Chairman from 1991-1994)
Mr. Supoj Pisitwuttinan                                                 (Chairman from 1995-1998)
Mr. Kom Akadej                                                           (Chairman from 1999-2002)
Mr. Somsak Techaratanaprasert                                    (Chairman from 2003-2005)
Mr. Chaiwat Taweewongsangtong                                 (Chairman from 2006-2007)
Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk                                                    (President from 2007-Oct 8, 2009)
Mr. Chaiwat Taweewongsangtong                                 (Acting President from Oct 8, 2009-Apr 2, 2010)
Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk                                                    (President from 2010-2012)
Mr. Visute Poolvoralaks                                                (President from 2012-2018)
Mr.Somchai Chatphatthanasiri                                      (President from 2018 to date)

Originally the organization was known as The National Federation of Thai Film Associations.
In 2008 at the annual assembly, President Jareuk Kaljareuk renamed the organization to
The National Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations, in order to indicate the gathering of various film-related associations under one umbrella and in accordance with the issuance of the Ministry of Culture’s Film and Video Act of 2011, which defines “video” as including animation, games and karaoke industry.


Today the MPC is made up of 13 associations in the film, video and contents industry.

1. Association of Thai Cinema Operators
2. Thai Film Director Association
3. Foreign Film Production Services Association (Thailand)
4. The National Comedy Association of Thailand
5. Association of Film Dubbing Professionals
6. Film Lab and Technique Association
7. Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association (TAGCA)
8. Thai  Electronic Amusement Business Association
9. Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association (TECA)
10. Musical Association of Thailand Under the Patronage of His Majesty The King
11. Thai Music Industry Association
12. Entertainment Reporter Association
13. Game and Interactive Digital Entertainment Association


The assembly of various professional bodies under the MPC represents a united effort and strength to push forward the Thai film and video industry to achieve international successes. Expertise, professionalism and mutual understanding among the members are the key that drives the engine of the Thai film and video industry towards a brighter future and greater potential through co-operation, unity and the self-regulatory discipline in line with the international standard.
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